Who are we?

A continental network with an all inclusive open membership of organizations, institutions and agencies interested in Human Resources for Health, which aims to advocate for regional cooperation in support of country led strategies, interventions and catalyze action on agreements and commitments by the leadership at country, sub regional and regional levels on identified and emerging HRH issues towards improved health systems for better Health Outcomes in Africa.

What is our Vision?

An Africa that has capacity to resolve its Human Resources for Health Crises aimed at achieving access to skilled, motivated and supported health workers for every person in every village, everywhere in Africa

Our Mission

To strengthen Human Resources for Health as a key component of health systems strengthening and an essential action in support of African countries efforts towards attaining better health outcomes and achieving their health Millennium Development Goals.

Our Mandate

  1. To contribute to strengthening regional, sub regional and country action on human resources for health within an implementation framework that will contribute to improvement in health systems performance and promote regional cooperation
  2. To advocate for regional cooperation in  strengthening of the of Human Resources for Health as a component of the health systems strengthening and catalyze action to implement the HRH Action Agenda towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals by African countries.

Core Business

  1. Advocacy for African HRH Action Agenda at country, regional, continental and global levels and country-led strategies and interventions.
  2. Networking HRH communities  and stakeholders to facilitate coordination, collaboration and building of partnerships to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the HRH action agenda in Africa
  3. Catalyst for implementation of commitments made at country, regional, and continental levels through support of membership and stakeholder forums
  4. Monitor and evaluate emerging issues and progress on the Human Resources for Health commitments and Declarations including the Kampala Declaration
  5. Mobilize resources to support and facilitate  implementation of the HRH action agenda in Africa

Our Membership

  1. Open to all interested organizations, institutions and agencies involved in human resources for health and health systems strengthening directly or indirectly in public, private and civil society sectors
  2. Human resources development institutions, agencies for pre-service and in-service in public, private and civil society sectors including faith-based institutions
  3. Research, policy, planning and regulatory institutions or agencies involved in HRH and health systems strengthening
  4. Regional organizations, including regional economic bodies, professional, labour associations and networks involved in HRH and health systems strengthening in Africa