3rd Board Meeting of the African Platform on Human Resources for Health (APHRH)

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3rd Board Meeting of the African Platform on Human Resources for Health (APHRH)

The Board of the APHRH met on the 30th Nov 2016 in Kampala to discuss key issues that concerning the Health Workforce in Africa.

A resolution to convene a regional consultation meeting of key stakeholders and networks within the next 6-8 months to develop a consensus on ways to accelerate advocacy for a strengthened health workforce in Africa.  Funding for the platform and the future operations of the secretariat were also discussed and agreed to on the agenda for the proposed regional consultation meeting in six to eight months’ time

The 3rd Board meeting of the African Platform on Human Resources for Health was convened by the Chair in Kampala Uganda on the 30th November 2016. The Board received for consideration progress on action points from its 2nd meeting. Progress was noted. Note was in addition made of the highly constrained funding situation of the Platform and of the high turn-over of representatives of stakeholders on the Board raising the need for re-circulation of key documents on the work of the Platform to keep members updated at all times. The Board made the following key decisions to initiate acceleration of the work of the platform at all levels and enhance lobby and advocate for the prioritization of the Health Workforce agenda in Africa:

  1.  The African Platform shall convene a consultation forum meeting of member networks and African countries
    within the next 6 to 8 months (April or June of 2017) to review the status of implementation of the African
    Road Map for Health workforce Development in the face of recent developments with special attention to the
    roll out of the Global Health Workforce Strategy; the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with specific
    reference to move towards Universal Health Coverage as well as implications of the establishment of the Global
    Health Workforce Networks entity at the WHO secretariat in Geneva among other issue.
  2. The African Platform shall conduct an update mapping of member networks within the next six months and
    prior to the proposed consultation forum and share the report widely with stakeholders.
  3. The Board directed the secretariat of the African Platform on HRH circulate to members networks and
    stakeholders on record for update, all available key documents relating to the work of the Platform prior to the
    Consultation meeting.
  4. The Board requested the Chair to engage the Africa Region WHO office to request the Regional Director to
    urgently consider an enhanced technical support program to African Countries:

A. To strengthen country level health workforce development and management departments, especially at theministries of health headquarters of member states;
B. To support African Member states in translating for action key regional and global policies including the
African Health Strategy, the Global Health Workforce Strategy and Sustainable Development Goals
C. To fast track the strengthening of Health Workforce information systems of countries to manage
workforce inflows, stock and outflow by implementation of the WHO code on International Recruitment
and track progress of strengthening through improved reporting on the code at the 3rd round due in 2018.

5. The Board noted that having only recently reviewed the African Platform on HRH and with strengthening
action now underway, the Board requested the Secretariat to prepare a concept note with options on ways to
accelerate the work f the Platform for consideration by member networks and stakeholders at the proposed
consultation forum in April or June of 2017.